frais des plateformes d’echanges

frais des plateformes d’echanges

Coinbase fees (frais)

Europe (variable par region)

Standard Buy(achat) / Sell(vente) Credit / Debit Card Buys Bank transfers (SEPA)  – in / out*
1.49% 3.99% Free / €0.15

GDAX(coinbase traders interface) fees

Deposits and Withdrawals (depots et retraits)

Crypto Deposit: Free
Crypto Withdrawal: Free

ACH Deposit: Free
ACH Withdrawal: Free

SEPA Deposit: €0.15 EUR
SEPA Withdrawal: €0.15 EUR

USD Wire Deposit: $10 USD
USD Wire Withdrawal: $25 USD

Account Fees

There are no fees for having a GDAX account or for holding funds in your GDAX account. You may hold assets as long as desired; your account will not be closed due to inactivity.

note : le transfert coinbase->gdax est immédiat et gratuit, pour passer sur gdax, il suffit de valider son identité par un 2eme papier d’identité(ca peut prendre du temps).


Trading fees :

Note max :
Je vous la fait courte et en FR :
– si vous posez un ordre « limite » achat ou vente, vous etes un « maker » et donc vous payez 0.
– si vous passez un ordre « au prix du marché », vous « prenez » les ordres qu’un maker a placés, vous etes donc un taker, et vous payez les frais degressifs en fonction du volume.
Attention, un ordre stop sur gdax n’est qu’un trigger qui déclenche un ordre au prix du marché..
PS : me remerciez pas, vu le nombre de tentatives d’expliquer ca quand on me pose la question, je suis content de poser ca la une fois pour toutes ! Bref arretez de m’envoyer des messages privés à ce sujet grr.

> 0 %  (~0.00 ETH) 0.3 % 0 %
> 1 %  (~8,186.94 ETH) 0.24 %
> 2.5 %  (~20,467.34 ETH) 0.22 %
> 5 %  (~40,934.69 ETH) 0.19 %
> 10 %  (~81,869.38 ETH) 0.15 %
> 20 %  (~163,738.76 ETH) 0.1 %
Note: Taker trades are charged tier one fees at the time of trade but a rebate for the previous 24 hours of trading fees will be credited to your account each day at 12:00am UTC.


A 0.25% taker fee for all BTC books and 0.30% taker fee for all ETH and LTC books is collected on each trade during the day. At the end of the day (UTC 00:00), a rebate is calculated and issued. The amount of the rebate issued is calculated on the percentage of total exchange volume, per product, that a trader has participated in over the past 30 days.

For example, If 100 BTC was traded on Coinbase’s BTC/USD order book in the last thirty days and you accounted for 1.1 bitcoin, you account for more than 1% of the total volume and receive a rebate of 0.01% that day and pay an effective taker fee of 0.24%.

The rebate is issued in the quote currency.


Volume is defined as the amount of bitcoin that is traded, or “changes hands” on the exchange. For example, if 10 bitcoin is transacted between a maker and taker, then the total exchange volume is 10 bitcoin, and each party will have participated in 100% of trade volume.


When you place an order at the market price that gets filled immediately, you are considered a taker and will pay a fee between 0.10% and 0.25% for BTC books and 0.10% and 0.30% for ETH books.

When you place an order which is not immediately matched by an existing order, that order is placed on the order book. If another customer places an order that matches yours, you are considered the maker and your fee will be 0%.

When you place an order that gets partially matched immediately, you pay a taker fee for that portion. The remainder of the order is placed on the order book and, when matched, is considered a maker order. The fee is 0% for that part of the total order.


HitBTC fees




no limits on cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals


The full list of withdrawal fees is available in your Account. Here follows the brief overview on some of our fees for popular currencies.

  • BTC: 0.00085 BTC
  • BCC: 0.0018 BCC
  • ETH: 0.00215 ETH
  • ETC: 0.002 ETC
  • USDT: 100 USDT
  • STRAT: 0.01 STRAT
  • LTC: 0.003 LTC
  • DASH: 0.03 DASH
  • XMR: 0.09 XMR
  • BCN: 0.1 BCN
  • ARDR: 1 ARDR
  • STEEM: 0.01 STEEM

Trading commissions


commentaires trouvés
Lalalan12   in Feedback

I am shocked at the fees HitBTC charges to withdraw different coins and how drastically they vary by the type of withdrawal. Also the fact that TRX can only be traded in buckets evenly divisible by 1000 is ridiculous…. someone could be stuck with 300 extra TRX and have to pay of fee of 240 just to withdraw that coin (over $40)… but if they transfer to USDT and try to withdraw that instead, the flat fee is $100!
Only makes sense for high volume trading with this fee structure… which you guys should definitely be more upfront about. Definitely shady business practice.

Solutions pour éviter de si gros frais ?

en théorie, une place d’échanges décentralisée devrait règler ce pb.




des Wallets sont en cours de developpement pour permettre des échanges directs sans passer par des places de marchés/bourse d’échanges.. :

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